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OpenChannels is a project of OCTO and supported by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

OCTO (Open Communication for The Ocean)
OCTO provides innovative services to coastal and marine resource managers worldwide. With clients in more than 120 countries, OCTO helps them network with peers and share best practices, no matter their location or financial means. OCTO programs include:

  • MPA News, the global forum on planning and management of marine protected areas;
  • Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM), an information service on ecosystem-based strategies for managing marine resources;
  • MarineDebris.Info, an online community for sharing knowledge on research and management of marine litter; and
  • The OpenChannels web forum, a comprehensive source of news, analysis, tools, discussion, and learning on ocean management.

OpenChannels Project Manager: raye [at] octogroup.org (Raye Evrard)

Raye gained her Master's degree in Marine and Environmental Affairs from the University of Washington with a focus on permitting requirements for Washington State shellfish aquaculture. She also comes with a Bachelor's in Environmental Studies from the University of Michigan.  

If you'd like to reach Raye, please email her at raye [at] octogroup.org





Communications and Outreach Director: allie [at] octogroup.org (Allie Brown)

Allie is a current master's student in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs at the University of Washington and did her undergrad in Wildlife Ecology at the other UW (University of Wisconsin). She is focusing her efforts on science communication and science art and is currently jumping into her thesis on marine conservation photography.

If you'd like to reach Allie, please email her at allie [at] octogroup.org or find her on twitter at @a2_brown





OpenChannels Project Director: nick [at] octogroup.org (Nick Wehner)

Nick holds a Master's degree in marine affairs from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor's of science in biology and ecology from the University of Delaware. His Master's thesis research focused on collaborative learning networks and science communication.

If you'd like to reach Nick, please contact him using any of the following methods:

  • Email: nick [at] octogroup.org

  • Twitter: @nwehner


OpenChannels Project Supervisor: jdavis [at] openchannels.org (John B. Davis)

John is president of MARE and editor-in-chief of MPA News and MEAM. He holds a Master’s degree in marine affairs from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Swarthmore College. John co-authored Taking Steps toward Marine and Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management: An Introductory Guide (UNEP, 2011) and has managed global information services on ocean and environmental management issues for more than 15 years.



OpenChannels Advisory Board

  • Chair - David Fluharty, University of Washington
  • Sarah Carr, EBM Tools Network
  • Kevern Cochrane, Fisheries and sustainable development consultant
  • Jon Day, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Mark Erdmann, Conservation International
  • Ben Halpern, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
  • Karen McLeod, Oregon State University
  • Jake Rice, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada
  • Kristin Sherwood, The Nature Conservancy
  • Kevin Stokes, Fisheries consultant

OpenChannels Contributors

  • Tundi Agardy, Executive Director, Sound Seas
  • Sarah Carr, Coordinator, EBM Tools Network
  • Charles Ehler, President, Ocean Visions Consulting

Project funder: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, established in 2000, seeks to advance environmental conservation and cutting-edge scientific research around the world and improve the quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit www.moore.org.

Project Consultant: Foundations of Success

Foundations of Success (FOS) is a non-profit organization committed to working with practitioners to learn how to do conservation better through the process of adaptive management.

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