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By Allison Brown and Nick Wehner

Source: Radio News Magazine, 1925. Adapted by Allison Brown. Obtained from Wikimedia Commons

It is no secret that academic papers can be jargon-filled and boring. But they are still full of useful information about what works in marine management and in science. The lack of papers on what doesn’t work is a topic for another blog post. Unfortunately, academic papers are out of reach for most of the people who could use that information. This may be news to those who have always been in university library systems with access to electronic journals, but individual access to research articles can be expensive. Further, depending on the journal, you may only get access for one day. Take a recent paper published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science (the publisher of this journal is the Oxford University Press) titled “Effects of indiscriminate fisheries on a group of small data-poor species in Thailand.” This paper seems like it could be useful for fisheries managers in Thailand or nearby countries, right? Well,  24-hour access to this article costs a whopping 44 dollars. That’s just for one paper. For only 24 hours. The next option is to get a year-long subscription and the prices get even crazier. ICES Journal of Marine Science is just one of many marine science journals where a significant paywall inhibits access and is used here only as an illustration.

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