NGOs in Mediterranean see coastal development as major threat

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Construction and development pressures are seen as the major threat to Mediterranean coastal zones, according to a survey conducted by the EU-funded Mare Nostrum Project among 43 environmental organizations in 11 countries.

“The groundbreaking survey wishes to identify what environmental organizations see as the major threats to Mediterranean coastal zones,” said Mare Nostrum project initiator and coordinator Prof. Rachelle Alterman from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. “Clearly, uncontrolled development is a serious problem across the entire Mediterranean Basin.”

Of the NGOs participating in the survey, 93 percent cited development pressures as the main risk to their own country’s coast. This was followed by overfishing (84%), tourism pressures (81%), increased litter (81%), chemical pollution (65%) and coastal erosion (63%). About half of respondents further cited invasive species (49%), threats to public rights and access to the beach (49%), impacts of climate change, such as rising sea level and acidification (48%), and harmful eutrophication (47%) as significant threats to the health of their coastal zones.

The survey, carried out by Mare Nostrum partner the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), is the first-ever organized effort to identify the main challenges and needs of civil society organizations with regard to the protection of the Mediterranean coast. Results were received from 43 organizations in Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Slovenia and Spain. The full survey report is available online.

The survey was conducted as part of the Mare Nostrum Network initiative, intended to serve as a support platform for civil society organizations involved in ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) and conservation throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Mare Nostrum wishes to form a network of active citizens, associations, NGOs and other civil society organizations committed to the protection of the Mediterranean coast.

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