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At this time, Dos Mares is an initiative, is not yet a incorporated legal non-profit, and their most frequent activity at this time is educating Central America's people about ocean conservation and marine research, though the most common social networks. However, Dos Mares pretend to implement specific programs and projects according the Dos Mares Conceptual Plan II. 

I have been focused in creating a social platform and contacts that facilitate the future fundraising activities. During Dos Mares's life, I have developed some products, please feel free to review these products and post your comments:  Dos Mares Blue Data,  DosMares App,   Science Matter Bulletin No.1 , Science Matter Bulletin No. 2., (Both in bilingual editions)   Dos Mares Journal,  Dos Mares Facebook,  Dos Mares Twitter,  Dos Mares web site,   Tu Gran Paso,   and some MPAs conservation campaign as "Tu Tienes Mucho Qué Vivir! ...y las áreas protegidas de Centroamérica tienen Mucho Que Vivir! " (You have a lot to live! ... and protected areas in Central America have a lot to live!). And a more recent Story Map: Towards the Future that is Wanted or the Paradise that is Lost? A Vision to Share. Punta de Manabique, Guatemala. 

You could also find interesting to read the Dos Mares Conceptual Plan II with detailed information about the Dos Mares vision & mission and programs.

Thank you for your interest in Dos Mares.

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