Learn about the Dos Mares Conceptual Plan

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Dos Mares was created in January 2013 with the vision to contribute with the development of marine science, marine conservation and education in Central America. There are two Mission's Short Term Programs: The Legal Incorporation Program and the Local Approach Program. The Mission's Medium and Long Term Programs comprise sixteen programs distributed in Core Programs, Marine Science programs, Reinforcement programs and Awareness programs. To learn in more detail about the different programs, click on the white pads of the Dos Mares Conceptual Plan.

The tiny yellow waving arrows, point out those programs currently underway. So far, the development of Dos Mares have been done sole with voluntary efforts. I will appreciate your comments regarding backing possibilities to Dos Mares. At this time I have a opened funding campaign in Indiegogo.

Thank you for your interest in Dos Mares.

Download the Dos Mares Conceptual Plan: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1y9WK0VZ6GabjBTTFFFWExsa0E