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The Dos Mares Journal is the informative and educative magazine of Dos Mares.

Dos Mares was created in January 2013, to promote marine research in Central America, with the collaboration of the international scientific community and interested organizations.

Through the Dos Mares Journal I want to disseminate the activities, achievements and values of marine science and marine protected areas in order to facilitate the scientific cooperation between marine scientist of Central America and the global scientific community.You should enter your email address to subscribe to updates in the top right of the journal to ensure a complete reception every week.

Advertising opportunities in marine science and marine conservation topics are going to be available in order to support Dos Mares. I will let you know about it when this facility is ready.

Also, a unique bulletin describing the installed marine research capacity in Central America was published in both English and Spanish by Dos Mares in May 2014 in PDF format. You can download the paper in this link: Science Matter No.1

Thank you for your support and please do not forget to consider the possibility of supporting the non-profit incorporation process of Dos Mares at this link: Support Dos Mares Incorporation

Happy New Year 2015 !!!