Punta de Manabique wildlife refuge and RAMSAR site in Caribbean Guatemala, is in serious peril.

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Punta de Manabique is the only place in Guatemala with coral reefs. It is home to two endangered species: The Hammerhead Shark (Sphirna mokarran) and the Chumbimba (Old Maculicauda). It has the most extensive seagrasses in the country, beaches and waves, swamps, tall forests, palms, mangroves, guamiles and freshwater lagoons. It provides shelter to the largest number of migratory birds in Guatemala. The flooded forests or swamps of Confra (Manicaria saccifera), a species of palm, is one of the rarest ecosystems in Guatemala, which exists only in this region. However, since 2005 the area has been rapidly deforested. Currently, the agricultural frontier continues, wood extraction, destruction of the Motagua river basin, fauna extraction, overfishing, garbage and pollution. I hope that someone can get attention during the IMPAC4 Congress in relation to this terrible situation in Guatemala.

Dos Mares proposes an exit based on creating businesses with the vision of being a force for good within the framework of the Master Plan of the Reserve, where entrepreneurs can do much for the area and can show their country and the world that private companies can be a force for good and inspire others to adopt the best business practices in this new millennium. They are able to continually show that the benefits can and should go hand in hand with productive ecosystems and prosperous communities.

Read more (Spanish story map): "Towards the Future that is Wanted or the Paradise that is Lost? A Vision to Share. Punta de Manabique, Guatemala"

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