Global Survey of Tools Used for Marine Spatial Planning, Round 2: Why Some People Are NOT Using Tools for MSP

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By Sarah Carr

As we reported in our first blog, 33 of our 124 respondents who completed the survey (27%) reported that they are NOT using tools for their MSP process. We asked them why to get a feel for the reasons behind that.

Some reasons why respondents reported not using tools:

  • They are in early stages of their process and have not made any decisions about tools yet (at least 5 MSP processes represented). Two of these processes reported that they are actively researching available tools now and plan to use some.
  • Using tools is too expensive (4 MSP processes)
  • They are only using GIS (3 MSP processes)
  • They are not familiar with tools and how to use them (3 MSP processes)
  • No tools were useful for their project or were of appropriate complexity and scale (3 MSP processes)
  • There were insufficient data to support tool use (2 MSP processes)
  • There was not enough time to use tools (1 MSP process)
  • The government agency governing process didn’t make tools available (1 MSP process)
  • They didn’t need a tool (1 MSP process)
  • They are developing their own tool (1 MSP process).

In all, multiple respondents who reported not using tools ARE actually using tools (if you take a broader definition of tools and consider GIS a tool), are planning to use tools (their own or someone else’s), or have not ruled out using tools. This suggests that more than three-quarters of our respondents will eventually use some sort of tool or tools in their MSP processes. 

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