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[Posting on behalf of Diana Castillo, graduate student at Dalhousie University - please see her contact info below]

Is your institution a subscriber to the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)? If so, you can assist with an evaluation of this major international information resource.

Since 1971 the ASFA database has been providing access to information about the science, technology, and management of marine, brackishwater, and freshwater environments globally. Operating as an international partnership of over 60 agencies, ASFA compiles and disseminates information produced around the world and is overseen by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Accessible by subscription from ProQuest, ASFA currently contains more than 2 million records, and aims to facilitate the global dissemination of information, particularly of grey literature.

EIUI researcher and Master’s student, Diana Castillo, is conducting an evaluation study of ASFA, in collaboration with the ASFA Board, FAO, and ProQuest. As part of this study, and with the assistance of ProQuest, ASFA subscribers were sent an invitation to complete an online survey about the database and how it is used. If you received the invitation message by email from ProQuest, please complete the survey by Monday, 2 April 2018. The views of subscribers are very important and will inform decisions of the ASFA Board about the future of the database.

Further information about this project can be obtained by contacting members of the EIUI research team: diana.castillo [at] (Diana Castillo) (Diana.Castillo [at] or bertrum.macdonald [at] (Bertrum MacDonald) (Bertrum.MacDonald [at]

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