BC's Marine Plans & Premiere of "The Great Bear Sea" Film

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World-Leading Marine Plans Signed in British Columbia

On April 27, 2015, after more than a decade of work, the BC Government and 18 First Nations announced world-leading marine plans for the northern coast of British Columbia. The Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) brings nearly 40,000 square miles of coastal waters under ecosystem-based management — protecting the marine environment while sustaining vibrant coastal communities whose culture and commerce depend on a healthy ocean. It represents a significant step forward in the smart management of the Pacific coast of North America.

Here at Green Fire Productions we have had a special vantage point to learn about BC's marine plans. Last year we began production on a new film, The Great Bear Sea, (75-minutes) that tells the story of the people and communities along the BC coast who helped create the marine plans and now begin the task of putting these plans into action. We're excited to premiere The Great Bear Sea, the third film in the Ocean Frontiers series, later this month!

The Marine Planning Partnership represents extraordinary leadership and collaborative effort by First Nations and the BC government. The MaPP agreement represents a commitment to change the way decisions are made about how we use the marine environment. The planning process involved the most comprehensive assembly of data from multiple sectors ever undertaken for the region, as well as the best available science from experts familiar with the region.

Traditional ecological knowledge from First Nations strongly informed the plans. Stakeholders involved in the process represented a wide variety of interests, including conservation, fishing, tourism, aquaculture, recreation, renewable energy and forestry. Most importantly, underlying all of this is the fundamental principal of the plan: the protection of biodiversity.

April 27, 2015 First Nations and the BC Government Announce Marine Plans in Victoria, British Columbia

The Great Bear Sea Film World Premiere - May 25

We will premiere The Great Bear Sea: Reflecting on the Past—Planning for the Future in Haida Gwaii on May 25, 2015 at the Coastal Stewardship Network annual gathering. This kicks off a series of premieres and screenings along the BC coast.

The Great Bear Sea is a wild expanse of ocean where whales, wolves, bears and people thrive in rich coastal ecosystems. The Great Bear Sea is also a place where worlds collide—a place full of historic conflicts, new struggles over ocean resources, and globally leading solutions. Meet the people and communities along the coast of British Columbia who are working to shape the future of the Great Bear Sea. Watch the trailer!

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