Recent developments in the Governing Marine Protected Areas project

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The book Governing Marine Protected Areas: resilience through diversity (Jones PJS 2014) is now available in paperback, after very good sales of the hardback version around the world. The price of the paperback version is £22 or $40 with the discount code DC361 when purchasing directly from Routledge. See to purchase from Routledge at this discount and read reviews, including more recent reviews in Nature and the International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law.

Since the book was published in February 2014 the MPA governance analysis framework, which is novel from both a theoretical and empirical perspective, has been applied to 11 case study MPAs in Jamaica (4 case studies), Belize (3), Madagascar (1), Indonesia (1), England (1) and Massachusetts (1), and is in the process of being applied to 11 case study MPAs in the Mediterranean (5), Vietnam (3), the Seychelles (1) and Western Australia (2). These findings will be published in the near future. These are just the case studies that we know of, please contact P.J.Jones [at] if you know of any other applications of the MPA governance analysis framework or if you are interested in undertaking further case studies employing this framework as part of your academic or vocational studies, the aim being to build up a database of case studies and undertake a meta-analysis.

In addition, four recent initiatives involve the MPA governance analysis framework set out in this book:

  1. the framework is being employed to analyse the governance of protected areas (terrestrial, wetland and marine) on the IUCN Green List in order to explore governance approaches that promote effectiveness and promote the transfer of combinations of incentives that appear to represent 'good practice' to other protected areas. This project - Protected Area Solutions for Biodiversity and Climate Change: achieving quality elements of Aichi Target 11 to support implementation of the CBD Strategic Plan 2011 to 2020 and the Programme of Work on Protected Areas –  is being run by the IUCN with funding from the German government's International Climate Initiative (BMUB-IKI) and in collaboration with UNEP and others, involving protected area case studies in Kenya, Vietnam, Colombia and Peru.

  2. the framework is being employed in the '10 by 20’ MPA capacity building initiative by the Government of Italy, the Ocean Sanctuary Alliance, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP), including an MPA governance workshop at the '10 x 20 International Conference', to be held in Rome, Italy, on March 7-9, 2016.

  3. the framework will be applied to MPA case studies around Europe as part of the European Commission's COST Action 'Advancing Marine Conservation in the European and Contiguous Seas' (MarCons

  4. Training, educational and capacity-building materials are being developed with funding from UNEP to help spread the application of the MPA governance analysis framework, particularly to promote the transfer of combinations of incentives that appear to represent 'good practice' from the case study MPAs to other MPAs

For further details of the MPA governance analysis framework and its applications, see, as well as the book that is now published in paperback. This update is also available as a pdf.

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