Tweet Highlights from IMCC5


A couple of months after a flurry of papers saying you could never find a fish deeper than 7km, found one at 8km. Flurry of papers saying that is physiological limit. Just found a fish at 10km #IMCC5

— Craken MacCraic (@Craken_MacCraic) June 28, 2018

@IUCN launched their new MPA Standards at #IMCC5 at @JaneLubchenco's keynote. I sat down with @TaotaoTasi to discuss what this means for the world's #MarineProtectedAreas. Apple Podcast: Spotify:

— Speak Up for Blue (@SpeakUpforBlue) June 28, 2018

#IMCC5 The Jairo award for bravery in marine conservation is named after a sea turtle conservationist who was murdered by poachers. This year’s award goes to Patima Tungchayakul, who rescued thousands of people held in slavery by the fishing industry!

— Dr. David Shiffman (@WhySharksMatter) June 28, 2018

“Honor the complexity of systems and realize most people are speaking (their) truth. Be kind, be humble.” I ❤️ @ConsLevin. #imcc5

— Katie Matthews (@katie_at_sea) June 28, 2018

So fabulous to have an 'explicit' opening session about inclusion and ensuring safe and respectful spaces at conferences with @socialseas and Ruth Beach. Well done #IMCC5 for setting a great standard that other conferences can follow. #womeninSTEM @IMCC2018

— Angela Dean (@AngelaSocSci) June 24, 2018

Lubchenco: reminds us there is no single one solution for ocean conservation. This reminds me of a H. L. Mencken quote, "that for every complex human problem, there is a solution that is neat, simple, and wrong." #IMCC5

— Nicholas Dulvy (@NickDulvy) June 24, 2018

“Every time you create a group of people you’ve excluded a group”

Need to include #women, #migrants & other critical groups in ‘uncomfortable forums’ to capture multiple views & manage conflicting trade-offs in #marineconservation #diversity #conservation #IMCC2018 #IMCC5

— Hollie Booth (@hollieboothie) June 25, 2018

#imcc5 presenters who do #MarSocSci, consider us (Conservation and Society) when you publish. We are #openaccess (no author fees, no subscription fees), based in Bangalore, with an international audience and editorial team. Also, follow us for excellent #MarSocSci research!

— Conservation&Society (@ConservandSoc) June 25, 2018

Full text from my opening address to #IMCC5. Includes call to think about structural changes to funding of marine conservation community. It’s time for ANYBODY with the passion to become a marine conservationist.

— Edd Hind-Ozan (@socialseas) June 25, 2018

Scientific research that fail to consider indigenous people's needs is a form of colonialism - John Aini, #IMCC5 plenary speaker

— Jean Utzurrum (@jean8rum) June 26, 2018

Using local knowledge to inform community-led #conservation and #MPA development in #Cambodia - excellent presentation by Phallin Chea from @FaunaFloraInt, who I believe is the first Cambodian speaker at an IMCC! #IMCC5

— Marianne Teoh (@marianne_teoh) June 25, 2018

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