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Posted on July 14, 2014 - 9:29am, by Sue Wells

By Sue Wells

The MCZ process has been criticised from many angles and the often negative press has resulted in an international perception that it has not been successful so far.  Although not perfect, some of us consider that it has been no worse than the efforts of other countries, and certainly far more deserving of support.  Nick Wehner recently highlighted the report of the British Government’s Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) on the MPA list but based his comments on a briefing produced by a law firm (Bond Dickinson). 

The EAC, however, is a cross-party group of MPs (Members of Parliament) and their role is “to consider the extent to which the policies and programmes of government departments and non-departmental public bodies contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development, and to audit their performance against sustainable development and environmental protection targets.”  Their report, published in June 2014 and resulting from interviews with and written witness statements from stakeholders and other interested parties, provides more detail and the necessary context to understand the recommendations.

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