Live Chat on The Marine Planning Concierge with Mary Ruckelshaus and Gregg Verutes of the Natural Capital Project

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at Noon EDT / 9am PDT / 4pm UTC

To help address common questions and planning dilemmas, the Natural Capital Project's Marine Team has designed a "concierge" to make it easier to learn about, get inspired by and implement marine planning. The Marine Planning Concierge is a website that connects users to resources for using ecosystem services in marine planning. They are curious about whether or not this kind of guidance might be useful in other aspects of the Natural Capital Project’s work to lower barriers to using ecosystem service understanding in diverse types of decisions.

The Concierge, similar to the help desk located in a hotel lobby, aims to provide clear, modular advice for any stage of the planning process, and to offer a curated library of useful resources. The Concierge also describes and links to examples of how the Natural Capital Project and others engaging in marine planning processes around the world have gotten over common hurdles, such as how to move forward when data is scarce, how to synthesize and visualize data from different sources and units, or where to go for help when the tools you're using are beyond your technical expertise. The Concierge also connects users to helper tools that make it easier to use the InVEST toolkit.

In this interactive “Office Hour” chat, Mary Ruckelshaus (Managing Director) and Gregg Verutes (Science Education Lead) of the Natural Capital Project will introduce the Concierge and take your questions. With help from the marine planning community, they hope to iteratively improve the website and to continue to amass a library of interactive guidance to support a variety of decisions that lead to better outcomes for people and nature.

Chat co-sponsored by the EBM Tools Network.

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Live Blog Live Chat on The Marine Planning Concierge

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