Results Announced from Global Survey of Tools and Resources for Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems


I don't actually remember if I took the survey, but looking at the results, there are many resources listed that I wouldn't have thought of as "tools," at least not in an EBM context.  The tools I have seen in your webinars tend to be models to visualize outcomes, or aids to decision-making.  I come away from these thinking they are cool but that they probably were more valuable to the designers than to the users.  They do help me think out what factors will affect possible outcomes, even if I don't ever get back to using the tool.  Some of the resources you list above are more like methods manuals or data exchanges.  And I'm sure many people are using GIS but not thinking of it as a specific "tool."  So some resources may have much wider use than your survey indicates.  On the other hand, I had to wonder if for some of the very specific "tools," the one respondent who used it was in fact the creator...

Maybe now that you have an idea of the range of responses, you could design a more focused survey that would ask about the specific tools named here.  You might find that they are more used than the first survey indicated. 

I was glad to see the reference to Curtice et al., and that the issue of updating useful tools is getting some attention if not action.

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