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We are very pleased to provide this email-based discussion forum for the marine protected area community: the MPA List. Created by MPA News and OpenChannels, the MPA List offers a simple way for managers, researchers, and others to share knowledge, discuss current issues, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and announcements.

It has been well over a decade since there was a dedicated email discussion list for the global MPA community, so we are glad to provide this service.

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No attacks allowed. Although the subject of marine protected areas can elicit strong feelings, the MPA List listserv is intended to focus on knowledge and solutions. Messages with inflammatory commentary or personal attacks are forbidden and will be removed by the listserv administrators. The administrators reserve the right to ban anyone who engages in such commentary or attacks.

Please do not post job requests and resumes. However, new employment positions related to MPAs may be posted and are encouraged.

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