Dates Title Location Description Link
Oct 22 2018 to Oct 26 2018 Littoral 2018 Leeuwarden, Netherlands Exploring current and future issues of relevance to coastal regions, including environmental protection, resilience, and Blue Growth
Oct 24 2018 to Oct 26 2018 2018 Student Conference on Conservation Science NY, New York The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation and its partners invite graduate students, postdocs, and early-career professionals to take part in the ninth annual Student Conference on Conservation Science – New York (SCCS-NY) on October 24-26, 2018.
Oct 24 2018 to Oct 26 2018 1st International Conservation Marketing & Engagement Congress (IMEC) George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia The focus for this inaugural conference is on exchanging ideas, tools and techniques for achieving improved conservation behaviours among diverse segments of the public. We’d like to emphasize that discussions will not address marketing for fundraising or for memberships, but using marketing techniques to promote conservation action and sustainable behaviour in the public.
Oct 29 2018 to Oct 30 2018 Our Ocean Conference Bali, Indonesia Our Ocean, Our Legacy will be the theme of this year's Our Ocean Conference, as it reflects our choices and actions to maintain the sustainability of our oceans' resources and to preserve our ocean's health, as a heritage presented for our children and grandchildren.
Oct 30 2018 to Nov 2 2018 2018 National Coastal Conference Galveston, Texas "Join us for three days of coastal science, policy, technology and advocacy in Galveston, Texas."
Nov 2 2018 to Nov 6 2018 The 25th Biennial CERF Conference Mobile, Alabama "With this year's conference theme, we endeavor to connect science and society in the collective goals of preserving the coastal and estuarine habitats, resources, and heritage."
Nov 4 2018 to Nov 8 2018 12th International Conference on the Environmental Management of the Enclosed Coastal Seas (EMECS12) Pattaya, Thailand Sharing knowledge to conserve coastal zone environments, and finding new approaches to managing coastal zone environments in the future
Nov 5 2018 to Nov 9 2018 The 71st annual conference of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute San Andres, Colombia The conference will focus on applying fisheries and marine science to solve problems by bringing multiple users of ocean resources together to make informed and coordinated decisions for sustainable use of these resources.
Nov 14 2018 to Nov 16 2018 6th Sustainable Ocean Summit Hong Kong, China Providing a global platform for the business sector to advance solutions to ocean sustainability challenges https://sustainableoceansummit...
Dec 4 2018 to Dec 5 2018 CommOCEAN 2018: 3rd International Marine Science Communication Conference Southampton, UK Sharing knowledge and expertise on the latest methods for communicating ocean research and technology, and providing hands-on skills training
Dec 8 2018 to Dec 13 2018 9th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management Long Beach, California The six-day Summit will explore cutting-edge issues in coastal restoration and management, and will be comprised of a community restoration event, field sessions, plenary sessions, expert presentations, special evening events, workshops, a poster hall, and an award-winning coastal exposition hall.
Dec 10 2018 to Dec 14 2018 Reef Futures 2018: A Coral Restoration and Intervention-Science Symposium Key Largo, Florida Saving the world’s coral reefs requires a multi-pronged approach.  Immediate and aggressive action on climate change is paramount for the long-term survival of reefs. However, carbon already released into the atmosphere will continue to warm ocean waters to a level inhospitable to corals for decades to come. Thus, direct and informed interventions at the local level are needed to keep reef ecosystems from completely collapsing in the next few decades.  Threats such as overfishing and pollution must be managed locally, while simultaneously repopulating target reefs with resilient, genetically-diverse, and reproductively-viable corals. Active and targeted coral repopulation using novel ecological interventions will buy tropical reefs time until ocean temperatures return to levels at which reefs can thrive, if climate change is addressed.   Reef Futures 2018 brings together experts from around the world to share the latest science and techniques for coral reef restoration while kicking off a global effort to dramatically scale-up the impact and reach of restoration as a major tool for coral reef conservation and management. We strive for robust international participation and cross-fertilization of disciplines to develop new ideas. We encourage abstract submissions from individuals with expertise in engineering disciplines, and experience with other ecosystems in peril, who can help the coral community develop solutions. Scholarships and reduced registration rates are available to encourage participation from developing nations. The five major themes of the symposium conference are: The Role of Restoration in Reef Management and Conservation Restoration Operations: best practices, techniques, and tools for scaling-up Restoration and Interventions in the Context of a Changing Planet Demonstrating the Value and Efficacy of Restoration and Interventions Restoration Vignettes: people taking restoration action around the world
Jan 21 2019 to Jan 24 2019 Latin American and Caribbean Regional Symposium on Ocean Acidification Santa Marta, Colombia The objective of the symposium is for attendees to leave with an understanding of what implications ocean acidification has on their work and what tools are available to integrate ocean acidification monitoring, mitigation, and resilience into their work.
Feb 4 2019 to Feb 7 2019 2019 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference New Orleans, Louisiana Theme: "Minding the Gaps: Research Priorities for Response, Restoration, and Resilience"
Feb 13 2019 to Feb 16 2019 Seafood and Fisheries Emerging Technologies Conference Bangkok, Thailand Goals of the SAFET Conference; 1) Improve and clarify the understanding of the existing MCS and supply chain traceability environment. 2) Objectively review emerging and advancing technologies that might contribute to less expensive and more efficient MCS and supply chain traceability. 3) Advance future implementation of innovative emerging technologies in MCS and supply chain traceability applications where appropriate.    https://www.seafoodandfisherie...
Mar 5 2019 to Mar 7 2019 World Ocean Summit Abu Dhabi, UAE The sixth World Ocean Summit will strive to build greater collaboration across regions and connect the world to new ideas and perspectives. Taking place in March 2019, this world-renowned event will take place in the Middle East for the first time – a region often overlooked in ocean discussions.
Mar 13 2019 to Mar 17 2019 CitSci2019 Raleigh, North Carolina "CitSci2019,  Growing our Family Tree , is all about broadening this citizen science community and providing a space where we can all share and learn together."
Apr 1 2019 to Apr 4 2019 OceanVisions2019 - Climate Summit Atlanta, Georgia, USA The goal is to highlight ocean-based science and engineering successes in the areas of resilience, adaptation, mitigation and sustainability and promote scalable solutions across human, climate and ecological dimensions.
Apr 8 2019 to Apr 12 2019 5th International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas Messinia, Greece The 5th International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas will evaluate the progress made over the last decade to meet ICMMPA's long-standing goal of bringing the MMPA community closer together.
Apr 8 2019 to Apr 12 2019 12th Asian Fisheries And Aquaculture Forum Iloilo City, Philippines The Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum provides an international platform for distinguished scientists from all over the world to discuss the issues pertaining to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Apr 21 2019 to Apr 25 2019 SOLAS Open Science Conference Sapporo, Japan "The Surface Ocean–Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) is an international and interdisciplinary research project on biogeochemical-physical air-sea interactions and processes."
May 6 2019 to May 10 2019 OceanPredict ’19 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada "The event will present high-level speakers providing expert insight into the latest ocean research & development efforts, products and services and applications, and offers participants to engage in special science splinter meetings, poster sessions, booth exhibitions and discussions to explore and define the direction of future operational oceanography."
May 30 2019 to May 31 2019 AERE Annual Summer Conference Lake Tahoe, Nevada AERE’s signature Summer Conference gathers the world’s leading environmental and natural resource economists for two days of outstanding academic programming in a collegial atmosphere.
Jun 15 2019 to Jun 21 2019 Future Oceans2 Brest, France Future Oceans2, IMBeR's second Open Science Conference, provides the opportunity for marine researchers from all disciplines to present science to advance understanding, challenges and solutions that may contribute towards ocean sustainability for the benefit of society
Jun 24 2019 to Jun 28 2019 MARE People and the Sea Conference X Roeterseiland complex, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands MARE is an interdisciplinary social science organisation interested in the use and management of marine resources. Its objective is to provide a stimulating intellectual climate for academics and policymakers working on topics related to coasts and seas.
Jul 21 2019 to Jul 25 2019 International Congress for Conservation Biology Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ICCB 2019 theme: "Conservation Beyond Boundaries: Connecting Biodiversity with Communities, Governments and Stakeholders"
Jul 22 2019 to Jul 26 2019 Species on the Move 2019 Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa The conference brings together scientists and natural resource managers working in the disciplines of global change, biogeography and evolution, and relevant in contexts of natural resource management, biodiversity management and conservation, and theoretical ecology.
Aug 18 2019 to Aug 21 2019 4th Workshop on Trait Based Approaches to Ocean Life Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The workshop brings together a broad range of ecologists and marine scientists to study how organism traits shape ecosystem structure, biodiversity, and function.
Sep 3 2019 to Sep 6 2019 13th International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera Modena, Italy The theme for the upcoming Symposium “Looking back to see ahead” highlights the importance of the fossil archives to understand response of the biosphere to long term environmental perturbations. http://www.13thfossilcnidaria....
Sep 16 2019 to Sep 20 2019 OceanObs'19 Honolulu, Hawaii As part of the decadal conference series, OceanObs’19 will galvanize ocean observing communities to improve coordination of regional and national efforts to better observe the global ocean, to better respond to the joint scientific and societal needs of a fit-for-purpose ocean observing system, and maximize the overall benefit of more integrated observing.
Jul 5 2020 to Jul 10 2020 14th International Coral Reef Symposium Bremen, Germany The overarching theme of ICRS 2020 is “Tackling the Challenging Future of Coral Reefs”.