Grant and RFP Listings

Long Island Sound Study (LISS) extra-mural research program

Connecticut Sea Grant (CTSG) and New York Sea Grant (NYSG) announce the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) extra-mural research program. The program is open starting March 16, 2020 and will close on June 8, 2020.

The intent of this program is to fund research that will support the management of Long Island Sound (LIS) and its resources. The Long Island Sound Study is a regional, community-based partnership to protect and restore the Sound.

Grant Application Deadline: 
June 8, 2020

Wild & Scenic Rivers Community Watershed Science Funding

River Network and the National Park Service (NPS) are excited to announce a funding opportunity for nonprofit organizations working on community watershed science activities on NPS administered Wild and Scenic Rivers and Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers. This funding is a continuation of a 2018 initiative to encourage citizen science on Wild and Scenic Rivers called Swim, Splash, Smile. Funding will range from $3,000-$10,000 per award for work occurring between July 15th, 2020 and November 16th, 2020.

Grant Application Deadline: 
June 8, 2020

National Estuary Program Coastal Watersheds Grant Program Request for Proposals

The National Estuary Program (NEP) Coastal Watersheds Grant (CWG) Program is a newly created, nationally competitive grants program designed to support projects that address urgent and challenging issues threatening the well-being of coastal and estuarine areas within determined estuaries of national significance. Restore America’s Estuaries will be administering the NEP CWG Program in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

Grant Application Deadline: 
August 7, 2020

NERC-NSF joint funding

NERC and the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) have agreed to work together to make it easier for world-leading environmental scientists to collaborate on discovery science projects and to tackle global environmental challenges.

The Waitt Foundation ROC Grants

The Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) Grants Program is a project of the Waitt Foundation. ROC Grants provide small grants with a quick turnaround time for solutions to emerging conservation issues. This complements the Waitt Foundation’s existing major grants program and is responsive to conservation opportunities, supports higher-risk ideas at a low financial cost, and engages with small, local NGOs on a global scale.

IDEA WILD Small Equipment Grants for Protected Areas Management

IDEA WILD seeks to minimize the loss of biodiversity by empowering people on the front lines of conservation by awarding small equipment grants to conservation professionals around the world. These equipment grants advance biological research, conservation education, community outreach, conservation management, field training, and professional development in areas where it is needed most. By empowering both aspiring and veteran conservation professionals, IDEA WILD has been instrumental in establishing new protected areas, reversing the decline of species through innovative management plans, restoring damaged and critical habitat, and improving how local communities support and sustain their immediate natural resources. Each year, IDEA WILD distributes over $300,000 worth of equipment – including digital cameras, spotting scopes, mist nets, tents, binoculars, and GPS units – to over 400 conservation projects worldwide.

IDEA WILD focuses its support on professionals working in developing countries where other sources of support are limited or nonexistent, and where a $750 equipment grant is often equivalent to several months’ salary. IDEA WILD accepts proposals from ALL countries.