Options for a Permanent Policy Coordination Mechanism and a Sustainable Financing Plan for Ocean Governance in the CLME+ Region

Grant Application Deadline: 
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Application Files: 

The objective of this Consultancy will be to progressively develop and present, for selection and adoption by the CLME+ countries:

  • proposal(s) for a Permanent Policy Co-ordination Mechanism (PPCM), which includes, amongst others, clear specifications of the mandate of the mechanism, and/or the mandate of its constituents, and its/their relationship(s) to other existing and newly created sLMR/ocean governance arrangements in the CLME+;
  • proposal(s) for a Sustainable Financing Plan (SFP), to enable and strengthen the short, medium and long term operations of the existing and newly proposed shared living marine resources/ocean governance arrangements in the CLME+ region;

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