Developmental Evaluation of Oceans Initiative

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Friday, October 20, 2017
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Submission Due Date: Indication of interest by October 20, 2017 (questions and submissions should be sent to Cheri Recchia at crecchia [at] Proposal by November 3, 2017. A pre-bid conference call will be held October 23, 2017.

General Overview

Under its 2016-2020 strategic plan, the Walton Family Foundation Environment Program’s Oceans Initiative seeks to create healthy, sustainable fisheries that contribute to healthy ocean ecosystems and provide greater social and economic security to coastal communities and industries. The Initiative is focused particularly on strengthening fisheries management in the U.S., Mexico, Chile, Peru and Indonesia, and is employing six strategies:

  1. Developing the scientific information and tools to enable better fisheries management;

  2. Supporting the implementation of rights-based fisheries management to provide secure tenure rights to fishermen;

  3. Protecting critical fish habitats with marine protected areas and other spatial management tools;

  4. Strengthening the capacity of fishermen, governments and civil society to rebuild fisheries;

  5. Promoting fisheries policies and programs that create positive incentives to encourage responsible fishing; and,

  6. Engaging the supply chain to build support for healthy fisheries practices.

These strategies are being implemented at the national level and in select fisheries in each country. The fisheries have been selected to represent a range of scales and types, from large, industrial, pelagic fisheries to small, artisanal, coastal fisheries for benthic species. These include:

  • Anchoveta, mahi-mahi, jumbo squid, and small-scale coastal fisheries in Peru;

  • Anchoveta, hake and coastal benthic fisheries in Chile;

  • Tuna, hake, shrimp and coastal benthic fisheries in Mexico; and,

  • Tuna, deepwater snapper/grouper, and blue swimming crab fisheries in Indonesia.

Some of these fisheries export products to the U.S., Japan and the European Union. Accordingly, the Foundation is also working to build demand for sustainably sourced seafood in the U.S., Japan, and the E.U. (specifically, in Spain), and to ensure national policies and programs in those countries are stemming import of products from illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fisheries.

This work builds on more than 12 years of Foundation experience with fisheries improvement and marine protected areas (MPAs), but is nonetheless a significant pivot for the Initiative. We have not previously worked extensively in Chile or Peru, our work in Mexico was almost exclusively focused in the Gulf of California, and our focus in Indonesia has been on establishing MPAs in West Papua’s Bird’s Head region. As the Initiative is in its formative stages under this new goal, particularly outside the U.S., we are seeking a partner to design and implement a developmental evaluation so we can learn from and refine our approaches, within our priority countries and across the Initiative. We aim to advance learning and build knowledge within the Foundation, with our partners, and in the field more broadly. 

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