Environmental and Fisheries Research for Offshore Wind Energy Development

Grant Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan advances the development of offshore wind (OSW) in a manner that is cost-effective while also being sensitive to environmental, maritime, economic, and social issues. This Program Opportunity Notice (PON) supports independent research to improve the scientific and technical foundation for addressing key policy-relevant questions related to the development of OSW and stakeholder-identified environmental and fisheries concerns.
The research questions addressed in this solicitation build on the goals of the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan and support OSW development by providing relevant information to key stakeholders on high priority environmental and fisheries issues. The solicitation addresses key research needs identified as high priority by scientists, fishermen, environmental organizations, New York State and federal regulators, and offshore wind developers engaged in environmental (E-TWG) and fisheries (F-TWG) technical working groups formed under the OSW Master Plan. Through this solicitation, NYSERDA expects to select one or more projects in the following five (5) categories:
 A. Ecosystem Dynamics: Examine the relationships between environmental processes, primary productivity, and distributions of species at higher trophic levels
B.  Commercial Fishing Access:  Understanding offshore wind development constraints to commercial fishing access 
C1. Approaches for Offshore Wind Pre- and Post-construction Monitoring
C2. Leveraging Non-traditional Data: Approaches for leveraging non-traditional data for offshore wind environmental decision making
C3. Modeling the Effects of Offshore Wind Developments: Modeling the effects of offshore wind developments on the Cold Pool stratification

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