2020 AICAD/NOAA Fisheries Art+Science Fellowship

Grant Application Deadline: 
Friday, November 15, 2019

The AICAD/NOAA Fisheries Art+Science Fellowship is a grant to support a 9-month engagement, up to five-years post-graduation, for an artist/designer with a professional Bachelors or Masters degree including BFA/BDes/BArch or MAF/MDes/MArch from any US member school within the AICAD consortium. Participating member schools can be found at https://www.aicad.org/about/. The Fellow will be expected to produce artistic and/or design work in response to a specific concern or “challenge” presented by NOAA Fisheries. The selected artist/designer will be part of an interdisciplinary body of researchers, staff, and community groups addressing a specific ecological issue, defined as the “challenge” below. The successful candidate will complete a 6-week residency embedded with NOAA staff during June-July 2020 in the Pacific Northwest, followed by a six-month period from August 2020 to February 2021 in their home location to research, produce, and distribute creative work in response to the scientific and policy issues the artist/designer will be exposed to. Consideration of the experience as an open-ended artistic response with the option for multimedia practice, including but not limited to performance, print, painting, video, installation, social engaged art practices etc, and some combination of design and/or design communication can be expected of the Fellow. The Fellow will be expected to present a formal artist talk, produce some written materials, and document their experience and process. Potential publication of the artist's work and written experiences is anticipated. Specific communication materials will also be developed in collaboration with NOAA Fisheries communications team.The AICAD/NOAA Fisheries Art + Science Fellowship aims to provide a hands-on opportunityfor a recent graduate to apply their art & design education in addressing and communicating ecological and social concerns, and bridge communities around challenging resource issues. Potential outcomes will include public talks at various locations including: galleries and museums; educational settings including schools and colleges; and science/policy and art/design conferences. Work produced by the artist fellow in response to the described dilemma may be shown to the public in gallery settings or alternative artistic venues and NOAA Fisheries offices and headquarters. Documentation of the work and process as well as final finished work will be distributed through digital and print media and reach a variety of audiences including the national art & design and scientific communities, and the public at large. In the words of NOAA Fisheries administrator:

“The Art + Science fellowship benefits NOAA Fisheries and our mission not only through the beautiful and moving artistic pieces that are generated and which we can use to communicate the value of the work we do for years to come, but it helps our staff see their work in new and different ways, and helps us to connect more deeply with the communities we serve with our natural resource work.” - Ruth Howell, Branch Chief for Communications and External Affairs, NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region