BoatU.S. Foundation: Grassroots Grants Program


The BoatU.S. Foundation is dedicated to being an innovative leader in promoting safe, clean, and responsible boating.

The Foundation's Grassroots Grants Program provides support to nonprofit organizations for projects that promote safe and clean boating.

Projects that the Foundation is most interested in funding will include several of the following elements:

  • facilitate behavior changes in the boating community;
  • be unique ideas, either by topic, methods, or delivery mechanism;
  • include extensive outreach efforts to boaters;
  • use technology to educate boaters, including social media and the web;
  • have a widespread reach to recreational boaters;
  • include hands-on work with the boating community; and,
  • have a means to measure the success of the program.

The Foundation typically does not award grants for the following:

  • capital improvement projects;
  • general operating funds;
  • multi-year projects;
  • lobbying efforts or political action;
  • specialized training or equipment for the recipient group members;
  • projects solely intended to benefit a group's membership;
  • transportation, meals, or lodging; or,
  • purchase of electronic hardware or software, boats, motors, or other boating gear.