Consultancy to conduct a study on marine plastic pollution in Liberia

Grant Application Deadline: 
Monday, November 30, 2020

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In Liberia, coastal and marine ecosystems provide a range of ecological goods and services for nearly 58% of Liberia’s 4 million people who live within 60 km off the coast. These ecological goods and services such as food, timber, fuelwood, medicine, transportation of goods, climate regulation and coastal protection among others are central to the livelihoods and food security of Liberia’s coastal communities. Despite being critical for sustaining life and human well-being in Liberia, coastal and marine ecosystems face several threatsincluding coastal erosion, pollution, poverty, over exploitation/unsustainable resource use, and increasing demand for its resources due to a burgeoning population looking to reside along its coast bringing increased coastal development, unregulated waste disposal and unsustainable extractive practices. In addition, the country suffersfrom: poor marine management; inadequate legislation and gaps in national policy; limited institutional capacity and coordination in government ministries; limited awareness and knowledge among decision makers and resource users; insufficient public and private financing; and lack of a robust monitoring and integrated knowledge management system to monitor ecosystem health and pollution of coastal and marine ecosystems.