Oceanographic Facilities and Equipment Support

Grant Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Oceanographic facilities and equipment are supported by the Integrative Programs Section (IPS) of the Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE), Directorate for Geosciences (GEO). These awards are made for the procurement, conversion and/or up-grade, enhancement or annual operation of platforms in the ocean, coastal, near-shore and Great Lakes. Awards are generally directed specifically to support facilities that lend themselves to shared use within the broad range of federally-supported research and education programs. Most of these platforms and facilities also receive partial support from federal agencies other than NSF. This includes state and local governments and private sources on a proportional basis usually through a daily rate mechanism. The primary objective of these awards is to ensure the availability of appropriate facilities for federally-funded investigators and educators. Individual project-based facilities and instrumentation, limited to one, or a small group of investigators, should be supported through appropriate research programs as opposed to the IPS programs listed herein. The individual programs covered within this solicitation include:

  1. Ship Operations (Ship Ops)
  2. Oceanographic Technical Services (Tech Services)
  3. Oceanographic Instrumentation (OI)
  4. Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment (SSSE)
  5. Ship Acquisition and Upgrade (SAU)
  6. Other Facility Activities (OFA)