Research Co-ordinator; Marine Megafauna Foundation

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Research Co-ordinator
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The Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) is committed to saving ocean giants from extinction. It seeks to achieve this objective by developing enduring conservation based on pioneering research, ensuring local conservation action and championing international protection. Its primary operation center and subsidiary here in Tofo, Mozambique, is Associação Megafauna Marinha (AMM) but it operates research projects in locations around the world. Position based in Mozambique.

Operating since 2009, MMF has the longest running data set on manta ray species here in Tofo, alongside one of the largest whale shark identification databases worldwide. As the association grows, we believe it is now time to expand the list of studied local megafauna and need a Research Co-ordinator to manage these projects effectively in Mozambique. Additionally, the individual will be responsible for overseeing all AMM scientific activities performed in conjunction with the Underwater Africa (UA) volunteer program.