Program Administrator - Education Coordinator; The University of Texas at Austin

Job Title: 
Program Administrator - Education Coordinator
Job Location: 
Port Aransas, Texas
Full Time - likely permanent

Organize and lead the Wetland Education Center and Bay Education Center programs (K-12, Road Scholars, teacher training, and others) in collaboration with education staff. Supervise education staff members to include public education and outreach, K-12, Road Scholar program, teaching training, etc. Coordinate with NERR education staff to enhance existing K-12 education programs, teacher training, and Road Scholar programs. Coordinate and/or lead development of proposals for Reserve education, interpretation and visitor use programs and projects. Participate in the development of educational facilities, including trails and exhibits and the purchase of education and monitoring equipment. Organize and lead programs at Fennessey Ranch in collaboration with education staff. Work with the stewardship, research and Coastal Training Program Coordinator to develop suitable methods to disseminate Reserve related information to formal education programs. Represent the Reserve at public meetings, civic groups, professional societies and other environmental organizations upon request, as available; work with NOAA to develop national education policies for the National Estuarine Research Reserve System; coordinate special studies and education activities within or related to the Reserve as needed.