Technical Officer (lighting and engineering specialist); BirdLife Malta

Job Title: 
Technical Officer (lighting and engineering specialist)
Job Location: 
Xemxija, Malta

Main Duties:

Research and data gathering

  1. Develop a methodology to determine the necessary techniques and ways forward to reduce light pollution at specific localities
  2. Assist in the in the creation of a comprehensive map of the exposure of Yelkouan Shearwater colonies to light pollution and identifying light sources following a best practice protocol
  3. Desk based work to compile process and analyse data collected

Public relations

  1. Assist in the organisation of meetings and workshops involving authorities and stakeholders
  2. Assist in the organisation of events involving volunteers


  1. Carry out a review of current policies and legislation on light pollution in Malta.
  2. To produce reports as required by the project


  1. The employee must be willing to work in outdoors whilst taking light pollution measures at night
  2. Required to maintain confidential information


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