Manager, Lenfest Ocean Program; The Pew Charitable Trusts

Job Title: 
Manager, Lenfest Ocean Program
Job Location: 
Washington, D.C.

The outreach Manager’s primary responsibility will be to coordinate the Lenfest Ocean Program’s policy and stakeholder engagement activities, working with the Director of the Lenfest Ocean Program and colleagues in the Environmental Science Division, consistent with the program’s strategic plan. The program’s highly integrated method of supporting scientific research to inform current and emerging policy questions involves a use-driven project development process combined with targeted communications and engagement with stakeholders. The Manager will lead the activities to disseminate research results, which include identifying and networking with policy audiences across a range of marine conservation issues, connecting with non-profit and industry stakeholders interested in program supported scientific research, and identifying and framing projects within the current policy context. The Manager will lead a small outreach team to draft and implement targeted outreach plans for each program-funded project. These plans may include tactics such as webinars, briefings and other events, as well as associated written and digital materials. The Manager will also coordinate with program staff to effectively analyze supported scientific publications and translate technical results into clear language appropriate for the target audience.

The position currently is approved through June 2025. This position reports to the Director of the Lenfest Ocean Program, and is located in Washington, DC.

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