Lead Scientist, Climate Change; The Nature Conservancy

Job Title: 
Lead Scientist, Climate Change
Job Location: 
Washington, D.C. area
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Lead Scientist will offer technical and science strategic leadership across the entire organization in areas such as: climate mitigation practices and technology, climate adaptation strategies, natural solutions to climate mitigation, climate-smart agriculture, and spatial planning for renewable energy.  S/he will drive efforts to establish TNC as a global leader in solving the global climate challenge.  S/he conducts original research, publishes findings and communicates to diverse audiences to add to the evidence base for conservation and decarbonization energy strategies in support of TNC organizational goals.

The Lead Scientist will be an active collaborator with the Science Cabinet in the Office of the Chief Scientist – a collaborative group that brings top level thought leadership to the organization’s strategy leaders, establishes and advances critical science issues with the external academic and practitioner communities, and takes on joint research to address pressing trans-disciplinary issues in conservation.

Job ID: 45287

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