Marine Mammal Program Leader; Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Job Title: 
Marine Mammal Program Leader
Job Location: 
Corvallis, Oregon
Full time - permanent
$62,772 - $88,224 /year
Application Deadline: 
Friday, August 25, 2017

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking qualified applicants to lead our marine mammal program.  In this job, you will lead a small dedicated team in marine mammal research, population monitoring, and management.  You will work with the department’s upper management on applying the best available science to tackle complex issues such as managing sea lion impacts on endangered salmonids.  Work will encompass the ocean off or Oregon, Oregon estuaries, and the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. 

Application deadline is August 25, 2017.

For a full job description and application materials go to:

Preference will be given to applicants with the following experience:

  • Leading research or monitoring projects on pinnipeds.
  • Leading natural resource management activities.
  • Applying research or monitoring results to management of marine mammals.
  • Management of interactions between pinnipeds and fisheries or between pinnipeds and their prey.
  • Knowledge of marine mammal biology and ecology.
  • Scientific study design.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to marine mammals.
  • Advanced oral and written communication skills.
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