Hydrodynamic Modeler; Coast Survey Development Laboratory

Job Title: 
Hydrodynamic Modeler
Job Location: 
Silver Spring, MD

The candidate will collaborate on coastal ocean modeling with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Coast Survey Development Laboratory (CSDL), which is located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Will provide hydrodynamic modeling support, evaluation, and expertise to NOAA's VDatum program. VDatum (vdatum.noaa.gov) is a national vertical datum transformation tool developed by NOAA. Will work with CSDL personnel on the development, evaluation, and reporting of tide modeling by using the ADCIRC model to compute spatially varying tidal datum fields and their associated uncertainties. Will work with a team of scientists across NOAA's National Ocean Service, the candidate will develop these tidal datum products for use in the VDatum software.

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