Graduate Marine Scientist; The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute

Job Title: 
Graduate Marine Scientist
Job Location: 
Stanley, Falkland Islands
Application Deadline: 
Friday, June 22, 2018

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) within the Falkland Islands was first explored during a successful two-year Darwin-Plus funded project (DPLUS027). Following its successful conclusion Falkland Islands Government (FIG) contracted SAERI to undertake a second phase (MSP Phase II) which covered three key aspects including an Assessment of Fishing Closure Areas as Sites (AFCAS) as potential Marine Management Areas (MMAs) against international criteria for MPAs in the Falkland Islands. The project will use diverse, cutting-edge scientific methods to build on an integrated understanding of Falkland Islands marine ecosystems. In conjunction with stakeholders, evidencebased recommendations would be developed to zone MMAs in the AFCAS areas identified. Following agreed, informed designs, an economic assessment will aid understanding present and future consequences of policy formulation. MMA site management plans will be consulted upon. Relevant legislative frameworks will be drafted to support designation and site management plans. The Falkland Islands economy is reliant on its marine environment; fisheries and tourism are major contributors to GDP. Developing hydrocarbon resources will contribute significantly to the economy. With such marine environment reliance stakeholder consultation and engagement will be a key component of this project.

The Graduate Marine Scientist job purpose: To support the Senior Scientist on the Darwin PLUS funded project entitled ‘Fine Scaling the design of Falkland Islands Marine Management Areas’ funded by the Darwin Plus Overseas Territories Grant Scheme. Phase II of the Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Project included an Assessment of Fishing Closure Areas (as potential MPAs) against international criteria. Three areas were identified and Key baseline work is required for their effective design and management. Five steps have been identified for delivery. These are the development of 1) economic consequences of the design (present and future), 2) Policy formulation, 3) Site Management Plans, 4) Suggested legislative framework and 5) Legacy Planning (financial & human resourcing).

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