Coral Species Identificaton Trainer; Ocean Associates Inc.

Job Title: 
Coral Species Identificaton Trainer
Job Location: 
Honolulu, HI

Ocean Associates Inc. is seeking a candidate who will provide professional support to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in Honolulu, Hawaii to lead a Coral Species Identification Training Program and conduct new ESA status reviews for at-risk Indo-Pacific reef corals.  The successful candidate does NOT need to live in Hawaii. Ocean Associates Inc. conducts research, offers policy advice, and provides personnel support services to government and industry clients for marine fisheries, protected species, and habitats. 


  • Conduct at least one 1-day classroom-based coral identification training for ESA-listed corals and other reef coral species of interest at each of the following locations: (1) Honolulu, Hawaii; (2) Guam; (3) Saipan; (4) American Samoa; (5) Majuro, RMI; (6) Kosrae, FSM; (7) Pohnpei, FSM; (8) Chuuk, FSM; (9) Yap, FSM; (10) Palau; (11) Fiji; (12) Wallis & Futuna; and (13) Samoa.  The exact dates and locations will depend on demand by the hosting agencies and participants.  At some locations, multiple training sessions may be necessary to accommodate demand.  The program trains coral reef surveyors, scientists, and managers on the application of the standardized species identification methodology to improve consistency in coral surveys in the US Pacific Islands, FAS, and the South Pacific.
  • Contribute species-specific information to new ESA status reviews for at-risk Indo-Pacific reef corals. The total number of coral status reviews would likely be between 50 and 100 species. For each species, the status review would include a review of all relevant information, including the taxonomy, identification, distribution, abundance, and susceptibilities to threats. The status reviews require application of the best available scientific and commercial information, including published and unpublished reports and data.
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