Hydrographic Data Technician; NOAA Office of Coast Survey

Job Title: 
Hydrographic Data Technician
Job Location: 
Norfolk, VA

The Hydrographic Surveys Division (HSD) is directly responsible for planning and overseeing hydrographic surveys, reviewing and accepting survey data, processing survey data for application to affected charts, and routing survey data and products to customers and archives.  

Within HSD, the Atlantic Hydrographic Branch (AHB) is responsible for reviewing hydrographic data to ensure compliance with standards, and compiling the hydrographic data into nautical chart products. Additionally, AHB supports NOAA's East Coast hydrographic ships with personnel and expertise in hydrographic data collection, processing, and quality assurance. Duties include assisting with the following tasks:

* Using CARIS, ArcGIS and other software to process, evaluate, and perform quality assurance on hydrographic survey data, including assisting in the completion of hydrographic Survey Acceptance Reports (SAR)
* Creating data products from hydrographic survey data, including preparing data for inclusion in the National Bathymetric Source Database (NBS)
* Participating in the development of new technology, systems, and procedures used in hydrography, including evaluating external source data (ESD) for possible application to nautical charts
* Interacting with hydrographic survey data users, managers, and others in the marine environment
* Deploying aboard a NOAA vessel for up to 60 days per year and conducting hydrographic surveys using echosounders, oceanographic instruments, GPS, data acquisition and processing systems, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

While at sea, support may be required to work in excess of 8 hours per day or may be required to work through the weekend, and workdays are often 10-12 hours in length and the crew work through weekends when the ship is underway.

Required Skills
2+ years of experience acquiring, processing, or reviewing bathymetric data, particularly using the CARIS suite, including HIPS/SIPS and Bathy Database. Must have experience with GIS data ingestion, manipulation, and analysis, particularly using Esri's suite of products (ArcGIS, ArcPro, ArcGIS Online). Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite, required. Must have a positive attitude and the ability to work with teams or individually; ability to follow written and verbal instructions; strong technical writing and verbal communication skills; and excellent computer skills. Computer courses or experience directly related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Engineering, Databases, and/or Computer Aided Design software are highly desired. Any time spent working aboard a vessel is a big plus.

Must be a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident and be able to pass a background investigation to obtain a security badge to enter the applicable government facility.

BS in physical science, earth science, geography, geomatics, engineering, or mathematics, other related field, or equivalent.

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