Fisheries Video Reviewer; Northeast Fisheries Science Center Science

Job Title: 
Fisheries Video Reviewer
Job Location: 
Silver Spring, MD

The EM Video Reviewer works under the direction of the EM Lead. The tasks include:

  • Reviewing video footage and creating a notation of each fishing episode. The notation identifies marine species, and documents species type and length, discard disposition, and any anomalous events.
  • Engaging in required actions required to ensure the quality control of collected video footage and annotated data.
  • Working with and assisting EM service providers with EM program logistics and issues, including assisting with: 
    • Pre-planning meetings
    • Outreach
    • The installation, testing, initialization, and removal of all EM system equipment on fishing vessels
    • Active data collection and analysis
    • Training FSB staff to audit video data
    • Inventory of video data
    • Evaluation of sensor data to assess quality and completeness of data sets
    • Estimation of total fishing effort and catch
    • Comparison of participating vessels to determine compatibility of the video equipment for study purposes
    • Comparison of Electronic Monitoring and observer data.
  • Providing feedback to FSB staff regarding the application of Electronic Monitoring systems for documenting bycatch.
  • Assisting in determining the adequacy of collected video data for use by NOAA Fisheries.
  • Attending and assisting with Electronic Monitoring organizational meetings for industry participants, when needed.
  • Documenting incidental take interactions on collected video footage.
  • Keeping the EM Lead, Data Quality Team, and Branch Chief informed of important and controversial data, data quality and compliance issues, and of substandard data.
  • Occasionally attending Take Reduction Team, Fisheries Management Council and other industry-related meetings on behalf of the FSB, when needed.  
  • Occasionally assisting with outreach events to promote the FSB program activities and Electronic Monitoring.
  • Assisting in maintaining open communication with industry participants in the field and offer support when needed (i.e. contact information, review of data collection techniques, picking up samples, etc.).  
  • Performing observer duties at sea (minimum of 5 trips per year) to become familiar with protocols, data collection, observer responsibilities and issues observers encounter while working as a government representative in a field setting. 
  • Some travel is required, for attending meetings on behalf of the FSB, attending outreach events and deploying on or servicing commercial fishing vessels.

The EM Video Reviewer must possess:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, Fisheries, or a related field.  Biological research experience at the collegiate or professional level is desired.  
  • Familiarity with database queries and research to assist with the analysis and dissemination of data.
  • Excellent project communication skills, experience with databases, and familiarity with northeast fish identification, regional fisheries, and related fishing gear types and operations.  
  • Proficiency in identifying common northeast fish species.  
  • Experience in fisheries science, fisheries management, and a general knowledge of marine mammal identification and sampling procedures and analytical techniques.  
  • Familiarity with FSB at-sea monitoring editing processes and protocols for all observed fisheries.
  • Ability to pick up new software and processes as needed.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Previous experience as a fisheries observer is highly desirable.  
  • Ability to work well with fishing community members and prior knowledge of commercial groundfish practices and operations is preferred.  
  • Prior experience with FSB data collection and editing protocols, UNIX based computers, networked systems, ORACLE relational databases, SAS or other statistical software and ARCVIEW is preferred.  

The position is full-time with an expected duration of one year. The rate of pay is commensurate with experience, and the position is eligible for the benefits described on the Integrated Statistics website.

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