Project Coordinator; Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative

Job Title: 
Project Coordinator
Job Location: 
Biloxi, MS
Two-years, full-time guaranteed, funding-dependent after project completion

The Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative (Cooperative) is a partnership working to translate sea-level rise (SLR) data and research into decision-making. These efforts, grounded in priorities identified by partners annually, are varied depending on current projects and priority needs. Primarily, the staff of the Cooperative undertake actions that increase access to and understanding of available information; support appropriate application of available information; and facilitate the conversation across decision-makers, tool developers, and researchers. 

We are seeking a Project Coordinator to support these efforts through coordination of an education project recently awarded to the Cooperative and its partners. The project is designed to generate a four-module curriculum to be applied in traditional and non-traditional settings in coastal Alabama and Mississippi. The modules will be: 1) SLR and flooding basics, 2) natural solutions to SLR, 3) ordinance and built solutions to SLR, 4) community planning for SLR in which the previous 3 modules are utilized. The project will consist of developing the materials, beta-testing and refining the materials, and then encouraging use among coastal educators. Partners on the project are Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, Mississippi State University, University of South Alabama, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Alabama School of Math and Science, and Smart Home America. Mississippi State University is the fiscal home of the Cooperative, so staff are employees of Mississippi State University.

This project coordinator may also contribute to other education or research focused projects or subprograms related to the Mississippi State University/Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Coastal Conservation and Restoration Program. Please visit the program website to view some of these other projects ( 

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