Coastal Program Analyst I or II ; California Coastal Commission

Job Title: 
Coastal Program Analyst I or II
Job Location: 
San Francisco, California
Full-Time - 2 years

The California Coastal Commission is seeking a new talented addition to its Executive Division with assignments in other units. The Commission is a small State agency that is charged with protecting coastal resources and managing coastal development in California. The mission of the Commission is to implement the Coastal Act and to provide for the balanced use of the coastal zone and to protect, restore, and enhance coastal and marine resources for the continuing benefit of current and future generations. Employees at the Commission enjoy working on a broad range of issues to plan for and manage coastal land uses while protecting important coastal resources including wetlands, habitats that support rare and endangered species, scenic landscapes and views to the sea, public shoreline access and recreation opportunities. The Commission’s staff includes dedicated planners, scientists, attorneys and administrative staff.

The California Coastal Commission values diversity at all levels of the organization and is committed to fostering an environment in which employees from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and personal experiences are welcomed and can thrive. We believe the diversity of our employees and their unique ideas inspire innovative solutions to further our mission of protecting and enhancing California’s coast and ocean for present and future generations.

The duties of the Coastal Program Analyst I or II include the following:

Environmental Justice and Tribal Consultation: The analyst will have significant responsibilities as a part of the Commission’s Environmental Justice team, working on a large range of environmental justice and Coastal Act issues in regulatory and planning actions. The analyst will have significant responsibilities working in a range of tribal consultation assignments as a part of a larger team.

Federal Consistency Review and Transportation Planning and Special Projects: This position will include a variety of assignments in several different units including working on federal consistency projects and a broad range of planning and regulation tasks related to transportation projects. This position will also include a variety of special projects related to federal grants and regulatory and planning projects.

Knowledge of the California Coastal Act; the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); current state planning law, environmental justice and tribal issues, and principles and practices of land use planning is critical. A background in planning, environmental studies, resource management, climate resiliency planning, or a closely related field is desirable.

The successful candidate must demonstrate strong analytical skills and the ability to research and creatively explore complex coastal resource issues. Effective writing and verbal communication skills and the ability to work both independently and as a team member are critical. Candidate must be able to work cooperatively with other local, state and federal agency official and will be expected to be rigorous in identifying issues and pro-active in his/her problem-solving efforts. Fluency in Spanish would be an asset and the candidate may be considered for bilingual pay.

Duties will be adjusted commensurate with the level at which the position is filled.

ELIGIBILITY: Individuals on the Coastal Program Analyst I and/or Coastal Program Analyst II eligible list may apply. Current or former State employees with transfer or reinstatement rights at the Coastal Program Analyst I or Coastal Program Analyst II level may also apply. (Please note that in order to be eligible to transfer or reinstatement, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications of the Coastal Program Analyst I or II classification.) Applicants must clearly indicate the basis of their eligibility, including SROA, surplus, transfer, re-employment status, or list eligibility in the Examination or Job Title section on the State Application Form 678.


Coastal Program Analyst I

Range A $3,512 - $3,990 per month*

Range B $3,623 - $4,318 per month*

Range C $4,344 - $5,439 per month*

*Salary will be determined by the Alternate Range Criteria.

Coastal Program Analyst II $5,223 – $6,542 per month

Please note that all jobs are automatically removed once the application deadline passes. Jobs without a deadline are automatically removed after 30 days.