Video Producer; University of Wisconsin-Madison

Job Title: 
Video Producer
Job Location: 
Madison, WI
$43,167 ANNUAL
Application Deadline: 
Friday, January 4, 2019

This is an academic staff position serving as a video producer-digital storyteller for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Aquatic Sciences Center (ASC), which administers two statewide programs of multidisciplinary research, education and outreach dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of the Great Lakes, inland surface waters and groundwater resources. These two statewide programs receive federal and state funds, as well as other funding compatible with the ASC mission. The person hired will add to our existing video and podcast inventory by serving as a video producer-digital storyteller by researching, scriptwriting, videotaping and editing video stories on Great Lakes and other Wisconsin waters resources topics based on scientific research, outreach and education dedicated to the sustainable use of these assets. Record in the field, as well in indoor settings such as labs. Audio skills are also vital and the incumbent of this position would produce podcasts on the same water-based themes.

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