Stock Assessment Manager; Lummi Indian Business Council

Job Title: 
Stock Assessment Manager
Job Location: 
Bellingham, Washington
Full-Time - Permanent
Application Deadline: 
Monday, February 4, 2019
Application Information: 


This is an exempt position that serves as a senior staff natural resource specialist and program manager, and will be assigned projects that are a high priority for the Lummi Natural Resource (LNR) Department. The Stock Assessment Manager will provide leadership, management and technical support services to achieve the Lummi Indian Business Council’s (LIBC) and LNR’s near term objective of realizing salmon harvests comparable to those experienced during the mid-1980s, and in the long term providing Lummi fishers with an opportunity to earn a “moderate living” from fishing while fulfilling ceremonial and subsistence harvest needs. The Stock Assessment Manager will manage LNR’s stock assessment operations and provide the necessary technical information to inform fisheries harvest planning, and salmon enhancement and salmon recovery restoration efforts. This position requires extensive knowledge in salmon biology and population assessment methodologies. The Manager will supervise professional and technical staff, develop and implement sampling programs, oversee and maintain budgets, and provide technical recommendations to other division managers regarding salmon management.

ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following, and and other related duties as assigned.

  1. Manage the Stock Assessment Program, including the development of strategic short and long range plans, programs, goals, performance measures and objectives; program planning to meet LIBC, LNR department and division goals, budget planning, administration and reporting, and staffing.
  2. Oversee the implementation of scientifically rigorous adult and juvenile abundance estimates for salmonids in the Nooksack/Samish terminal area; this may include, but not be limited to, redd and carcass estimates, mark-recapture and radio tag studies, hydro-acoustic and PIT-tag projects, operating a screw trap and test fisheries.
  3. Lead the development, collection, storage, and sharing of stock assessment and harvest sampling surveys and data, and coordinate information needs with other LNR Divisions (Restoration, Salmon Enhancement, ESA, etc) to meet policy requirements and Lummi harvest objectives.
  4. Work with state and tribal co-managers to evaluate and update existing stock assessment survey and sampling methodologies utilized by LNR staff (especially salmon and steelhead). Develop and implement a comprehensive, cost effective data collection strategy that will inform harvest, enhancement, and restoration planning.
  5. Participate in the development and review of post-season escapement estimates and preseason run size forecasts.
  6. Assume a lead role in the Nooksack River early Chinook fishery (currently a mark-selective tangle net fishery). Coordinate fishery, data collection and reporting, and contract negotiation.
  7. Design, conduct and document scientific studies, biological sampling, data analysis and test fisheries for proactive, adaptive and responsible fisheries management;
  8. Under the direction of the Fisheries Manager, coordinate with other LNR Divisions and/or managers (Enhancement, Restoration, Shellfish) to advance LIBC’s harvest objectives and to ensure compliance with Hatchery Genetic Management Plans (HGMPs), Fishery Agreements, etc to the extent applicable and in alignment with LNR policy direction.
  9. In consultation with the Fisheries Manager, hire staff members and manage performance including providing appropriate training, conducting regular performance appraisals, and administering corrective action if necessary; supervise 2-3 professional staff and 4-8 technical staff in field sampling, data management and reporting.
  10. Develop and monitor yearly budgets for the Stock Assessment Program in accordance with Title 28; coordinate budget and expense allocation with the grants office.
  11. Coordinate with the Fisheries Manager, and other division managers, to identify and pursue grant funding consistent with LNR priorities. Develop and submit grant proposal, oversee project implementation, and administer grants, track grant status, obligations, project close out and reporting.
  12. Prepare and manage contract awards and modifications in accordance with the Lummi Procurement Policy and funding agency requirements.
  13. Ensure division goals, timelines, standards and reporting requirements are met.
  14. Hold bi-weekly program meetings and provide a written report of meeting to the Fisheries Manager. 15. Attend Managers meetings with a brief written report of program highlights and projected activities.


  • M.S. in fisheries science or related natural resources field from a recognized fisheries management/biology program and 3 years of relevant work experience involving Pacific salmon species preferred;
  • OR B.S. in fisheries science or related natural resources field from a recognized fisheries management/biology program and 5 years of relevant work experience of specialized experience in fisheries stock assessment.
  • Strong computer experience with statistical analysis, word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software.
  • Must possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License and meet eligibility requirements for tribal insurance.
  • Lummi/Native American/Veteran preference policy applies


  • Knowledge of field methods for estimating population indices of salmon, environmental conditions and habitat;
  • Strong quantitative analysis skills; experience designing and implementing scientifically sound sampling plans;
  • Strong administrative skills including supervision, budget management, and project organization;
  • Experience preparing grant proposals and meeting grant deliverables;
  • Experience working with Native American tribes preferred;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, cultural sensitivity, empathy, and cooperative and collaborative problem solving approach;
  • Demonstrated ability to comply with established policies and standard protocols and ability to work independently, to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously, and to effectively prioritize tasks;
  • Ability to organize time effectively and, when necessary, work beyond normal working hours to achieve task objectives in a timely fashion;
  • Must maintain strict confidentiality at all times;
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, GIS (e.g. ArcGIS) and electronic field data collection;
  • Ability to operate small boats safely is desirable


  • Must pass pre-employment and random drug and alcohol test to be eligible for and maintain employment, as required by the LIBC Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Policy.
  • Position requires extensive Criminal Background Check.


To obtain a Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) application go to: or request by e-mail libchr [at] For more information contact the HR front desk (360) 312-2023. Submit LIBC application, cover letter, resume & reference letters no later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date listed above. If listing degrees or certifications include copies. Mailing Address: 2665 Kwina Road, Bellingham, WA 98226. Human Resource Fax number: 360-380-6991.

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