Research Technician; Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Job Title: 
Research Technician
Job Location: 
Monterey, CA

Research Technician

MBARI seeks a motivated professional to join a team focused on understanding how and why marine ecosystems vary over space and time. The selected individual must have a demonstrated working understanding of oceanography and life in the sea, proven experience with biological and chemical instrumentation, electronics, software, and data analysis. This position implements scientific experiments, supports instrument development, performs scientific analysis, and provides technical support to applicable research lab. The position will require interactions with scientists, development engineers, marine operators, as well as time at sea.

Bachelor degree in a scientific, engineering, or related field required. Excellent communications skills, self-starter, ability to multi-task, and a commitment to improving skills are critical. Experience in one or more of the following areas are highly desired:  Programming in Matlab or R, biological and chemical analyses, and bioinformatics. The position may require participation on at-sea oceanographic expeditions for specified periods. Well-qualified applicants may be considered for appointment as Research Engineer or Research Specialist.

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