Postdoctoral Research Scientist Modeling Terrestrial-Aquatic Linkages in Puget Sound; University of Washington

Job Title: 
Postdoctoral Research Scientist Modeling Terrestrial-Aquatic Linkages in Puget Sound
Job Location: 
Seattle, WA
Full-Time (1-3 years)

The Puget Sound Institute, a University of Washington research center located in Tacoma (, is seeking a postdoctoral research scientist who focuses on modeling the connections between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, especially how the built environment controls the movement of water, nutrients, and chemical contaminants into adjacent surface waters. This position will contribute to our collaborative group by conducting qualitative or quantitative analysis of the connections between land use, stormwater quantity and quality, and the resulting ecological, social and economic endpoints. Regional-scale strategies currently being developed to protect and restore critical Puget Sound habitats and ecosystem functions depend on such modeling tools to design smart land use and water management policies for Puget Sound.

The successful candidate will hold a doctoral degree in fisheries biology, oceanography, ecology, environmental science/engineering or a related field and will have demonstrated clever and impactful approaches to relating human activities on the landscape to impacts in estuaries. We are especially interested in candidates whose work considers the social and economic benefits and costs of both watershed development and the resulting strategies to mitigate impacts on adjacent waters.

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