Junior Science Officer; Marine Conservation Philippines

Job Title: 
Junior Science Officer
Job Location: 
1 Year
Application Deadline: 
Friday, March 1, 2019

MCP is looking for a Junior Science officer to train volunteers to conduct our MPA monitoring program and teach recreational SCUBA courses during high periods. Mostof your time will be dedicated to conservation work but you must also be a confident SCUBA instructor. This position is ideal for early-career applicants interested in gaining more field experience in marine ecology, biology and conservation. You will be expected to play a major part in leading MCP’s volunteer-based monitoring program.

Mentored by senior staff, you will have the opportunity to learn and soon be expected to teach and lead volunteers in our continuous marine monitoring program and daily conservation activities. You will learn the ins and outs of MCP and how we ensure that our conservation objectives are met without jeopardising high data quality requirements and rigorous safety standards. This will include conducting in-water training of volunteers and interpreting data collected by volunteers. You will be assisted by interns and be expected to take part in their daily management with senior staff. You are expected to become the friendly face of our monitoring program, enabling it to run smoothly while ensuring no volunteer is left behind. This position requires excellent observational, communication and active listening skills, and to lead groups with a positive attitude in a dynamic environment. It entails flexibility of organisation, a rigorous mind and a contagious passion for the ocean. Expect days are spent in the water, leading & managing volunteers while fulfilling MCP’s conservation duties.

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