Sustainable Business Analyst; Future of Fish

Job Title: 
Sustainable Business Analyst
Job Location: 
Independent Contractor
Application Deadline: 
Monday, April 15, 2019


Future of Fish is a systems-change non-profit that provides strategy, design, and research services to NGOs, foundations, investors, businesses, and government officials working to build a world where fisheries and people thrive together. Our mission is to catalyze innovation, investment, and collaboration to end overfishing while improving economic opportunity and social equity for resource-dependent communities.

We are a team of 12+ staff with a diverse set of expertise ranging from international development, investment finance, seafood markets, fisheries social science, technology, and marine science. Our combined expertise allows us to take a holistic systems approach to complex problem-solving. We know that no one business or individual can shift the system alone and so at Future of Fish we focus on empowering, coordinating, and building the collective impact of stakeholders to drive the end to overfishing.

Future of Fish is a virtual team with staff working remotely from locations throughout the world but primarily keep US Pacific Time hours.


The Sustainable Business Analyst helps to define new business models to transform seafood systems, and brings credibility and readiness to these ideas by performing robust business analysis. The role requires strong business communication skills in both English and Spanish, and includes:

● Building business plans and supporting analyses for a variety of new business concepts to transform seafood systems, ranging from producer cooperatives, to supply chain intermediaries, to funding platforms for sustainable seafood initiatives

● Performing primary and secondary market research in support of new business models

● Building financial models to evaluate the cost/benefit, cash flow dynamics, and return on investment of new business models, including proforma and forecast analysis

● Conducting risk and impact analyses

● Gathering, distilling and organizing requirements from a diverse group of stakeholders including seafood buyers, NGOs, and public and private funders

● Balancing concurrent demands from multiple projects (self-management discipline required, project management and administration skills will also be necessary)

● Facilitating / participating in calls with project stakeholders, in both English and Spanish

● Occasionally developing concept notes and presentations to socialize business concepts

● Occasionally drafting collaborative agreements between multiple organizations

● Participating in design of new business models and offering critical feedback to iterate and improve concepts

● Contributing to proposal development in support of new business and funding concepts

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