Saba Bank Park Officer; The Saba Conservation Foundation

Job Title: 
Saba Bank Park Officer
Job Location: 
The Bottom Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Application Information: 


The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF), in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, is in charge of the management of the Saba Bank and thus formed the Saba Bank Management Unit (SBMU). To expand this unit, the SCF is presently looking to hire an additional Saba Bank Park Officer, who will be involved in the management of the Saba Bank. 

The work will consist of monitoring fisheries activities on the Saba Bank, surveying marine life, fish and lobster catches, liaise with fishermen, scientists and the Saba community, and report to the management of the SCF on a regular basis. 

The primary focus of this position is to operate and maintain SBMU vessels and associated equipment as well as to assist in marine and coastal protected area management. The responsibilities, qualifications and terms and conditions will be as follows:

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