Research Associate Professor, Marine Sciences; University of Rhode Island

Job Title: 
Research Associate Professor, Marine Sciences
Job Location: 
Narragansett Bay, RI
Application Deadline: 
Monday, May 6, 2019

APPLICATION DEADLINE: The search will remain open until the position has been filled. First consideration will be given to applications received by April 8, 2019. Second consideration may be given to applications received by May 6 , 2019. Applications received subsequent to second consideration date (May 6, 2019) may not be given full consideration.


Engage in the development of research proposals and participate in research—both primary and applied, and outreach related to coastal science and management. Serve as Assistant Director of Coastal Institute and Director’s designee for major initiatives. Work with CI staff and Director to build coastal resilience practices in keeping with CI Coastal Resilience Demonstration Sites.

Present scientific findings and data in succinct and understandable reports using best available scientific evidence for elected officials, municipal managers, environmental regulators, and the general public. Work with Director on development of public science symposia. Work with Director to further develop and oversee SSEER (Scientific Support of Environmental Emergency Response) for deployment of scientists in natural and manmade disasters. Plan and develop public workshops, lectures, and outreach materials. Assist Director in planning and management of single to multi-agency/NGOprojects and grants aimed at improving cooperation, efficiency and use of science-based evidence.



1. PhD. in marine sciences or related science field.

2. Demonstrated experience and formal training in interdisciplinary ecosystem research and management.

3. Demonstrated ability to work for or in partnership with external agencies, businesses, consultants, or institutions of higher education.

4. Demonstrated record of knowledge of current tools and modeling related to sea level rise, storm surge.

5. Demonstrated record of knowledge of overall adaptation strategies related to climate change.

6. Demonstrated record of working in partnership to coordinate events/meetings designed to gather and disseminate information, including scientific workshops.

7. Demonstrated record of peer-reviewed or technical publications for a graduate of a doctoral program with 4-5 years of professional experience.

8. Demonstrated record of post-Ph.D. professional experience in the application of science to real-world problem-solving.

9. Demonstrated excellent oral presentation skills.

10. Demonstrated excellent writing skills.

11. Demonstrated proficiency with Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

12. Demonstrated proficiency with web applications.

13. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.


1. Demonstrated experience training or mentoring new hires.

2. Demonstrated traditional or non-traditional teaching experience.

3. Demonstrated skill at development and presentation of scientific posters, PowerPoints, and other modes of research translation for a range of audiences.


Please note that all jobs are automatically removed once the application deadline passes. Jobs without a deadline are automatically removed after 30 days.