Coastal Economics Program Specialist; South Carolina Sea Grant

Job Title: 
Coastal Economics Program Specialist
Job Location: 
Charleston, South Carolina
Full-Time - Permanent
$48,662 to $59,500

The Coastal Economics Program Specialist will provide the applied economic research and outreach expertise necessary to expand our capabilities, broaden our reach, and provide a wider range of services to the many constituencies which are requesting objective, economics-based information and technical assistance. The Coastal Economics Program Specialist will work independently and with applied economics professionals at Consortium member institutions and with key stakeholders throughout the state to assist coastal communities in analyzing the market and non-market value of the state’s coastal and marine resources, and their uses, in terms of contributions to local economies, public safety, community resilience, and human health. In addition, the Coastal Economics Program Specialist will institute an ongoing economic assessment of the value of the Consortium’s research, extension, and education program activities and outcomes.

The Coastal Economics Program Specialist will develop and lead the Consortium’s applied economic research and outreach proposing new projects, coordinating project partnerships, tracking scopes of work and expenses, and producing deliverables and reports on results. Work plans for this position will be based on and consistent with the strategic plans of the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium, with guidance provided by the NOAA National Sea Grant College Program, the State of South Carolina, and target stakeholder and constituent groups.

The Consortium’s Coastal Economics Program Specialist will:

  1. Quantify and communicate the market and non-market value and contributions of the state’s coastal and marine resources and sectors at the regional and state levels to coastal communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

  2. Quantify and communicate the market and non-market value of science-based information and products supported by the Consortium and others to coastal communities, organizations, and businesses, and to state leadership, funding organizations, and institutional sponsors

  3. Initiate and nurture partnerships with universities, federal and state agencies, and non-profit organizations to develop coordinated and cutting-edge approaches for conducting economic assessments of coastal ecosystem services in South Carolina.

  4. Identify best management practices which will serve the Consortium well in evaluating and presenting economic benefits from diverse data sources and methodologies.

  5. Generate and utilize tools and mechanisms to improve reliability and accuracy of the Consortium’s economic impact reporting to the National Sea Grant College Program through its annual reporting process and to the State of South Carolina through its State Accountability Report.

  6. Develop, produce, and distribute recommendations and guidance to Consortium researchers and program staff to ensure reliable and consistent documentation of the economic value and significance of the agency’s science-based coastal engagement programs.

  7. Assist in the planning and implementation of Consortium-sponsored state and regional conferences, workshops, and meetings.

  8. Prepare performance-based program objectives, benchmarks, metrics, program evaluations, and other programmatic reports as required by the Consortium.

  9. Supervise student assistants and interns and serve on graduate student committees when appropriate.

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