Program Coordinator; Pacific NorthWest Economic Region

Job Title: 
Program Coordinator
Job Location: 
Seattle, WA
Short-term contract ($20 per hour)
Application Information: 

The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) is a statutory public-private non-profit that addresses a broad range of topics and issues that affect our cross-border economy, security, and environment. This truly unique non-profit is the only regional planning and facilitation organization set up in statute by five states and three provinces and two territories to deal with trans-boundary policy and planning. PNWER works to increase the economic well-being and quality of life for all citizens of the region by coordinating provincial and state policies, identifying and promoting “models of success” and serving asa conduit to exchange information. PNWER is based in Seattle, WA and is located on the waterfront in the World Trade Center.

PNWER seeks a motivated individual who is passionate about cross-border policy and planning and is excited about the prospect of making the NW a better place to live and do business. This is a rare opportunity for an innovative and creative individual to interact with high-level decision-makers in the bi-national region. As a PNWER Program Coordinator, you will learn a great deal about the unique differences between Canadian and US systems of government and will play a major role in providing support to PNWER officers and secretariat.

The Program Coordinator (PC) will focus on coordinating existing working groups, related projects and assisting in the implementing of action items and new initiatives to maximize impact. The PC will focus on coordination of 1-2 working groups and frequently meet and interact with policymakers and business leaders across the region. The PC will regularly organize conference calls and planning discussions on various topics. The PC will also assist in coordinating meetings/conferences by preparing materials and invitations.

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