Conway Science Fellowship; National Park Foundation

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Conway Science Fellowship
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, June 30, 2019

The National Park Foundation is excited to announce the Conway Science Fellowship, funded through the generous support of Karen Swett Conway, National Park Foundation Board of Directors, and her husband Brian Conway. The fellowship will benefit the National Park Service through innovative scientific research that can inform park management.  Three awards will fund three teams consisting of a faculty or senior scientist mentor and a postdoc fellow (within three years of receiving their doctorate degree). Faculty mentors or senior scientists employed at the research institution are asked to apply and to select an appropriate postdoc fellow. The three fellowships will focus on different topical areas that address some of the National Park Service’s emerging resource management challenges: 1) Addressing increasing visitor use by integrating social science and resource stewardship, 2) Enhancing ocean and coastal resource stewardship, and 3) Embracing collaborative conservation at the landscape scale. Interested faculty or senior scientist mentors can APPLY HERE.

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