Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative Partnership Coordinator; Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative

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Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative Partnership Coordinator
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The Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative is seeking proposals for a half-time partnership coordinator/staffer.

The Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative, a National Fish Habitat Partnership, is a coalition of over 40 organizations committed to the conservation of Pacific Lamprey. The Initiative has a broad geographic scope including partners in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska consisting of federal, state and tribal agencies, Universities, non-governmental organizations, local governments, and others.  The Initiative pursues its mission through funding and coordination of habitat restoration, scientific research, monitoring, education, and outreach.

The coordinator for the Initiative will serve a central role in the operations of the partnership with a wide range of responsibilities including pursuing grant opportunities, conducting fundraising, strategic planning, coordinating efforts among a diverse group of partners, facilitating a steering committee to guide the activities of the partnership, and developing outreach and education materials.

Please refer to the Request for Proposals ( ) for further information about the coordinator’s role, requirements for the position, and application submission process .

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